Thursday, April 16, 2015

Azumi Kawahima in Bali,What's the Fact...!!!

Hii,, sorry if I want a bit writing at this time .. !! if before I only upload the photos of Azumi Kawashima, but this is the first time for me to write something in my mind.

I probably ever uploaded some photos Azumi Kawashima in Bali, you might ask, how could I know that photo was taken in Bali. am I just give a name??. And this is the one that aroused my curiosity, I've read on wikipedia page that Azumi Kawashima visited Bali for a photoshot. And cause I'm Balinese,and Bali is my place. This  is make me want to know,which photo of her shoted in Bali. I try to identify her photo one buy one. And I find some fact about it.

ok here are the facts

Fact 1

the photo above show  that Azumi Kawashima ever visited Bali. Why? let see the flowers on the photo.. That's a kind of flower that growing up in Bali. We just say "Kembang Kertas/Paper Flower" in Bali, it cause of the texture of the flower just like a paper. or in english we say "Bougenville". It is something easy to find Bougenville in Bali,,I have some in my home.

Fact 2

Let see one of her erotic photo,look at the wall .It is showing one of the typical wall carving in Bali, see the material is made of brick, It is easy to find in Bali. And when I walked around on the beach, I just recognised that place, That is the outside of room of Inna Grand Bali Beach. It mean Azumi Kawashima stayed at this hotel at that time

well see you on the next fact, I'll try to identify another of her photo.

See you Later